Who Needs Liquids and Gels? Fly Easier With These Dry Grooming Supplies

How to travel without any liquids or gels, and yet not smell

Upon arrival to your destination, perhaps you’ve opened your bag and realized something has oozed and leaked – leaving a slimy trail of moisturizer or a fragrant cologne stench over absolutely everything? Good times.

It’s been a decade since transportation safety authorities in most countries banned liquids and gels from carry-on luggage – 10 years of packing all liquids into 100-millilitre containers and cramming them into a clear plastic bag. Even if that wasn’t such a hassle, a perfectly reasonable person might want to fly dry anyway – especially if they’ve had the experience described above.  

If only we had a better way to avoid the messes that ruin suitcases, toiletry bags and your best pair of dress pants. Well, rejoice! Fortunately, there’s a wealth of grooming and beauty essentials that will keep your supply completely dry, from shampoo to moisturizer. There’s no need anymore to let liquids troubles throw a wet blanket on your trips.

Onward, then, toward the goal of the all-solid, liquid-free toiletry case! To help, we offer these ooze-free, leak-proof solutions for grooming on the road.

Keeping it fresh

Pre-moistened towelettes are a handy cheat for travellers determined to forego liquids. To keep you smelling daisy fresh all day long, give these Crystal Body Deodorant Towelettes a try. Pack as many wipes as you need for the time you’re away (they come in packages of 24), use them and toss them. The towelettes are biodegradable and made of odor-busting, natural mineral salts.

For keeping other parts of the body smelling acceptable, pack Lafe’s Natural Crystal Deodorant Stone, which looks like a ping-pong ball and uses potassium alum (mineral salts) to kill odour-causing bacteria naturally, without containing aluminum chlorhydrate.

Going dental

Tubes of toothpaste, even travel-sized ones, take up too much room in a toiletry case. Better options are the powdered Toothy Tabs from Lush Cosmetics. Each smaller than an aspirin, they’ll give you a gleaming smile, courtesy of baking soda, kaolin clay and essential oils. Just pop one in your mouth, chew it a bit, then give your pearly whites a scrub with a wet toothbrush. They come in fun flavours, too, including cola, frankincense and rose oil.

Michele Sponagle

Lush Toothy Tabs

If you’re not into tooth cleaning in pellet form, how about tooth powder? For more than 70 years, tooth powders were the people’s choice among chomper cleansers, and like Toothy Tabs they’re also formulated with baking soda. By way of example, try Eco-Dent Toothpowder in cinnamon. Unlike most modern toothpastes, it doesn’t contain fluoride. And consider this: These dry options may save marriages, too, since there will be no pasty blobs left behind on the sink.

Smooth operator

Northern winters can seriously dull your complexion, and many of our readers will know all about dry skin. Keeping a facial scrub on hand buffs away the rough stuff. On the fly, choose one, like Josie Maran Argan Exfoliating Powder. Sprinkle a dime-sized amount in your hands, add a bit water of activate it, and you’re good to glow. It’s made from the nutshells of argan fruit, rice powder, and ground butterfly wings (just kidding about that last ingredient).

Or buff dirt and dry skin away with Exfoliating Bath Gloves from The Body Shop. Use them in the shower to create a spa-like experience without having to leave the comfort of your hotel room.

Close shaves

Your grandpappy never had fancy aerosol cans of shaving cream, so you’ll be fine without them, too – if you go retro and lather up with a hockey-puck shaped bar of shaving soap. The trick is to stick it in a mug, cover it with hot water, then work up some good suds with an old-timey shaving brush (Here’s an elegant version made of badger hair.)

Some men swear that the old-time method gives them the best bristle-free experience of their lives. To get started, try Willliams Mug Shaving Soap. Or go luxe with this lavender version in a hand-turned rosewood bowl from Truefitt & Hill, a company that has helped Brits tackle stubble since 1805.

Truefitt & Hill

Best Tressed List

Hotels generally supply guests with shampoo, but what if you’re jetting off to a friend’s ski chalet or going off the grid to camp in the wild and need to bring your own? Don’t fret. You’ve got a couple of liquid-free options. To extend the life of your last shampoo, you can sprinkle a dry, powdered shampoo onto your scalp to lift off grime and oil.

Consider a body builder like Bumble and bumble Prêt-à-Powder. Or get on solid ground with long-lasting Lush Cosmetics Shampoo Bars. Wet hair, rub bar over locks, lather and rinse. Done like dinner.

Remember, it’s not just liquids that are restricted in aircraft cabins, it’s gels too. For those who depend on hair gel, it is possible to bring aboard your favourite styling aid. Check out SmartFixx H20 Styling Strips by Charles Worthington, nifty paper-thin sheets that work their magic when you wet them. Just add water and you’ve got a small wad of gel, ready to do your do.

Belly Up to the Bar

You never have to worry about a solid moisturizing bar messing up the inside of your bag. These bars are made of ingredients that solidify at room temperature, like beeswax and shea butter. Once you glide the product over your skin, your body warmth melts it, allowing the moisturizers to sink in, banishing ashy elbows, knees and other rough bits. Perk up your day with the subtle grapefruit and tea tree oil scent from this Abbey Lane Farm Body Lotion Bar, made in Vancouver.

Another Canadian company, Rocky Mountain Soap Co., has a Vanilla Coconut Body Butter, that smells like a tropical holiday. It might look like a solid deodorant, but this is chock-full of emollients (that is, skin softeners), such as sesame seed and sunflower oils.

Published Monday, November 7th 2016

Header image credit: Michele Sponagle / Billy



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